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Preservation Deck with Downloadable Content Used for Oracle Reading, Dungeons and Dragons and Story Ideas

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Set of 35 storytelling inspiration cards with original dark fantasy oil painting artwork AND a 125-page full color PDF showing you how to use the cards.  Play a story telling game, create new stories for your latest short story or novel, or use them in your DnD* and other role playing games.  Engage your imagination to create worlds or games that are unique to you!

- Set of 35 art cards
- 123-page PDF containing spells and oracle meanings
- Instructions for ideas for writers, therapists, gamers, Oracle readers, and teachers
- Plastic deckbox to easily carry the cards.  The oracle cards come in a soft purple velvet-like bag.

- Printed on Premium card stock with low-glow UV coating
- Rounded corners ensure that the cards remain in good condition after many uses
- PDF book gives detail instructions on the meanings of the cards, spell abilities, and how to use the cards in different situations. In addition, there is a minor fantasy story about how the characters in my world, Ozul, use the ShadowMyths cards as a source of magic.
- Standard Card Size and Weight: 63mm x 88mm and 310 gsm with black core card stock (Paper Manufacturer - Koehler)
- Oracle Card Size and Weight: 2.75" x 4.75" and 310 gsm with black core card stock (Paper Manufacturer - Koehler)


Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Cards, Gorgeous Art

This review is a very long time coming! I stumbled across Dougie and his art at an expo. I purchased a print of “Lacking Wisdom”, went home, signed up for his mailing list, and then found out he also made these beautiful cards! The art itself is amazing and the card stock is quality. I dabble in writing and find them great to just shuffle through when I get stuck and need a little inspiration. Shipping was fast and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

Zayna Maggio
Fast shipping. Love the cardstock and the...

Fast shipping. Love the cardstock and the artwork. I also like that you can use these cards for multiple purposes. :)

Narthis Cole
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

John Erdman
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This review has no content.

Elle Lynch
Beautiful art on good, high-quality cards....

Beautiful art on good, high-quality cards. Delightfully evocative, and I love using them for inspiration when writing and during RPG session prep. Quick Shipping, and the seller was responsive, helpful, and courteous! Absolutely plan to buy any other decks that come out.