Frequently asked questions

What medium do you work in?
For the prints, the original paintings are created in oil. I start with a digital painting first and, when I'm happy with the illustration, I transfer the drawing to a canvas panel. I use the digital painting as a thumbnail and try to match the oil painting as much as I can.

You're paintings are a little abstract. Is this intentional?
Absolutely! If I give you a fully rendered image, it will be the same painting over time. I only paint 3/4 of the way to a fully finished piece. Just enough information so that you know what is happening but not the whole story. This way, you can bring part of yourself and what you see in the image.

Am I purchasing original oil paintings?
Yes and no. The concept and story is original and my own creation. However, the products that you are purchasing are prints or cards of the images.

What can I use the ShadowMyths cards for? Just pretty images?
The ShadowMyths cards are used to help you come up with new ideas for your story, game, etc. They are used by gamers in Dungeons and Dragons or other role-playing games. They are used by therapists as talking points with their patients. They are used by teachers in creative-writing classes as Story Prompts. They are used by divination readers as oracle/tarot decks.

I use them mainly for writing my books.