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Malochi Deck of 35 Monster Cards with Downloadable PDF used in DnD and Writing

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What is the biggest problem that, as a gamer, you run into? Your players have read the monster manuals or have been playing so long they know everything about the monsters in your world. Throw them a surprise! You can show them the creature they encounter but they know nothing about it. You decide how strong or smart they are. You decide what magic abilities they have. Surprise your players with something new that they haven't come across.

- Set of 35 art cards
- 191-page 5" x 7" downloadable PDF containing creature descriptions, interaction and preferred attacks
- Instructions on how to use the cards in your games or your writing
- Plastic deckbox to easily carry the cards.

- Printed on Premium card stock with low-glow UV coating
- Rounded corners ensure that the cards remain in good condition after many uses
- PDF gives detail instructions on the attributes, description, interaction and combat of each creature. You do need to put your own gaming stats for each creature but I give you an easy starting point.
- Standard Card Size and Weight: 63mm x 88mm and 310 gsm with black core card stock (Paper Manufacturer - Koehler)

Customer Reviews

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Richard Harris
Excellent quality especially for the price...

Excellent quality especially for the price.
Doug Hoppes work stands out and his service is beyond others.
Can't wait to buy more of his original pencil drawings.

David Ledner
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

William Crist
I just got these cards, the other day. Th...

I just got these cards, the other day. The artwork is wonderful. I can't wait to use these for my D&D game. The cards seem durable, and well printed. They are exactly what I was looking for.

This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Matthew Senger
Great artwork, and very inspirational. Bou...

Great artwork, and very inspirational. Bought these for creativity catalysts for RPGs and writing, original monsters, and in game atmosphere. Supplementary information provided online is very useful and informative, Cards look great, well packaged. Creator/Seller was very communicative and helpful.