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Insane Asylum Casino Quality Linen Playing Cards

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Why get a standard playing card set?  Most of the decks that you see have the standard images for the courts (Jacks, Queens, and Kings).  If they do have unique images for the deck, it also is for the courts only.  Why not have something different?  How cool would it be to have a unique creepy oil painting on each card AND unique pip designs AND unique ace designs?  

ORIGINAL ART ON ALL CARDS Rather than just having art on the courts, you'll have a unique painting on ALL the cards. Even the Aces and Pips have monsters inside of them.

CASINO QUALITY LINEN CARDS These are not the standard plastic cards that most people get. The cards are casino-quality linen playing cards with a very smooth finish that is perfect for shuffling, dealing, and any magic tricks that you want to try.

MAKES A UNIQUE GIFT These playing cards make great gifts and are perfect for surprising your friends the next time you have a game night.

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Bridgette Kime
Love these

These are beautiful and unique! I bought them from the artist at a tattoo convention. The artwork is just amazing. Love these!!